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Fresh Start 2018

               TreaJah Time is about you, me and everything in between.  Thanks for taking the time to visit, we know time is precious so we appreciate your attention.  Speaking of time, it’s seems as if time is in fast forward mode.  New Years was just the other day and we are already preparing for the third month of the year.
           In 2018 we promise to bring more new and exciting things from TreaJah.   We actually are featuring something delicious as well.  If you haven’t dropped in for a while, now would be a good time to come and try our delicious veggie burger.  Provided by HTN (Healing of the Nation) kitchen.  I’ve heard many people boast after eating saying this is the best burger they’ve ever had but I wont brag, I’ll let you come and be the judge.


          Balance in life is essential and that’s why we present  to so many a few things that are important to us.  Health living, herbs and beauty, fashion and art, as well as audio and visual pieces.  Something for everyone and something for your mind body and soul.

Again, thanks for taking a few moment to hang out,

TreaJah Isle Team

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